In addition to Structured Cabling and Cabling for IP Cameras, BF Custom Cabling also offers a number of other cabling services for our customers.

Telephone Systems:

BF Custom Cabling also has the capabilities to perform the initial installation and perform regular maintenance for both the cabling and upkeep for our clients’ various telephone systems. Telephone systems today rarely run on the same traditional landline architecture as they did in the past. Therefore, if your business is still running on a telephone system that was installed years ago, chances are that it is not running as efficiently as it could.. This can result in problems, not only in finding contractors with the requisite familiarity to assist you in troubleshooting any problems you may have with a legacy telephone system, but also increasing difficulties as the hardware continues to age as time goes on. However, BF Custom Cabling can help you make the most of your aging telephone network.

Office Cabling:

If you need network cabling, network racks, patch panels, wall plates or other network equipment installed, then BF Custom Cabling offers efficient, price-sensitive solutions for every type of customer.

Fiber Optic Cabling:

Fiber optic cable is now used by many business and residential customers due to its minimal maintenance costs when compared with more traditional copper cable. In addition, fiber optic cable provides greater strength and tolerance to abuse and wear and tear than traditional copper wire. BF Custom Cabling employs technicians who are expert at working with fiber optic cabling, and we can perform any business or residential project that calls for the use of fiber optic cabling.

VoIP Cabling:

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems require seamless integration of multiple devices, and a system that supports multiple voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems. No matter how many locations are involved in your VoIP network, BF Custom Cabling can deliver expert assistance in providing and installing the cabling that enable your network to run seamlessly and without issues.

Category 5e Cabling:

Category 5 enhanced cabling is an improvement on traditional cabling systems in that it supports the transmittal of data at higher speeds and cuts down on interference between wires inside a network. At BF Custom Cabling, we can provide customers with Category 5e cabling solutions that will enable their home or business to enjoy speeds and seamless transmission across their network superior to traditional cabling systems for a price that will beat any competitor.

Category 6 Cabling and Wiring:

Category 6 cabling differs from Category 5e cabling in that it is able to support even higher data transmission inside a network. Therefore, if your business needs rapid data transmissions and a cabling contractor that is familiar with the different cabling standards, contact the experts at BF Custom Cabling to discuss which type of cabling solution is right for you.

Business Ethernet Cabling:

Installing the cabling upon which a business’s entire network runs can require working with a variety of equipment, from laptop and desktop computers to network switches, routers and firewalls. Underpinning it all is cabling that must be properly installed. BF Custom Cabling will work with you to ensure that your business is properly wired in order to work at maximum efficiency with minimal interruptions.

Office Building Wiring:

Your office building needs to be properly wired in order for all of your information technology equipment, computers, servers and other equipment to function properly. BF Custom Cabling can wire your office building in the simplest, easiest, most economical way possible.

Voice and Data Cabling:

Whether you need basic telephone cabling, fiber optic, server room or network cabling, BF Custom Cabling is always happy to help you by providing you with efficient, expert service at a price that is reasonable.

LAN Cabling and Wiring:

A LAN, or local area network, is a group of two or more computers that are linked to one another. LANs often include printers, copiers, print servers and the like. BF Custom Cabling has extensive experience in working with all sorts of local area networks, and we are familiar with the most efficient, affordable ways to complete your LAN cabling and wiring project.

Office Network Cabling:

Your office network needs to run on the most efficient, reliable cabling system possible because information, and quick access to information, is everything in today’s economy. BF Custom Cabling can provide your business with an economical solution for your office network cabling project.

Telephone Room Cabling:

If your office has a dedicated space where all of your telecommunications equipment is stored and you need cabling installed to make your network run smoothly, then BF Custom Cabling can help you customize a solution that will enable you to meet all of your communications needs at a very competitive price.

Abandoned Cable Removal:

You are a commercial landlord whose tenants have moved out and left behind the cable they used to support their office telecommunications network. Regulations and the law provide that you, as the building owner, are responsible for the removal of this equipment. BF Custom Cabling can assist you by removing old, abandoned cabling systems that are no longer being used.