BF Custom Cabling LLC offers cabling installation services throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We are insured, which gives clients a sense of security that the work we do meets all professional standards given that an insurer is willing to put its resources on the line and extend professional liability coverage to us.

The entire world runs on the Internet and telecommunications now. At BF Custom Cabling LLC, we focus on customer service and quality work. Telecommunications services, and in particular efficient telecommunications services that operate seamlessly without random outages or interruptions in service, are essential to the cost-effective and smooth operation of your business, no matter what industry you are in. The importance of having a reliable connection for all your telecommunication needs, whether it be phone or internet, cannot be overstated. If your customers, potential customers or suppliers are attempting to contact you and have no way of reaching you because of interruptions in service due to an underperforming or shoddy telecommunications network or faulty network connection or equipment, then you may lose out on potential sales. Your ability to offer your services could potentially be disrupted if you and your business are without connectivity.

However, many people do not realize when it comes to their business’s telecommunications services that the importance of having a good underlying physical architecture for their telecommunications network is just as important as the actual telecommunications equipment itself that you choose. Cabling forms the physical infrastructure, or the “guts,” of telecommunications for many businesses and having your cabling installed by an experienced professional is just as essential as having state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment. Improperly installed cabling can also knock out your servers if those are not hosted on the cloud, but instead your business runs off local servers that are entirely dependent upon reliable connection to the Internet. In order to back up everything that goes on at your business and your most important documents and information, the physical infrastructure your business runs on needs to be meticulously installed and maintained to ensure the integrity of your network. Read More

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