Structured Cabling

Not every space in which cabling needs to be installed is the same, so not every customer’s structured cabling needs are the same. In fact, no two spaces are completely alike, so by definition no two structured cabling solutions can or should be the same. Unlike some of our competitors, not all our solutions are canned approaches to different problems. We recognize that every cabling project is unique based upon the customer, the space and what services will be used. We then work with our customers to design and build customized cabling solutions for their business or home, no matter what their particular requirements or needs may be. . Few people realize it, but there is no such thing as a “standard” room, home, building or other structure. Structures vary in dimensions, layout and a number of other respects. As a result, there is no such thing as a “standard cabling job.”

Our approach therefore is to recognize this principle on the front end and customize our approach for every customer; we present the client with a custom solution that takes into account that client’s needs and budget. Our experienced staff will work with you, your representatives and employees from the very beginning to assess not only your needs today, but what your future needs may be, and how we can most efficiently and economically meet them. We will not upsell you on services that you do not need, but will instead take the time to meet with you, discuss the needs of both you and your home or business, and then design a custom structured cabling package that will take all of that into account. If your business needs structured cabling services and you are interested in a company that will offer you personalized service with your best interests and bottom line always in mind, then contact us and let us help you to become BF Custom Cabling’s next satisfied customer.

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